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2020 Virtual Encampment.

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Pesticide-free School Project at the 2019 Encampment.

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2018 Encampers share strategies for getting out the vote.

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2019 Encampers canvassing on housing issues with CAUSE.

The Encampment is ...

... a summer experience to live what you learn, make friends from across the nation, and expand your worldview.

... year-round opportunities for leadership development, building community, and learning.

... a nationwide network of committed alumni and partners, working for positive change in their home communities.

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2019 Encampment

Encampers focused on environmental, immigration and labor issues while exploring Ventura County and Los Angeles. More »

Alum Stories

The Encampment has changed me

Deanna Marie Mousseau explains how the Encampment has influenced her life. Check out her alum story and others.

An early encampment

From the beginning, youth from

“many religious, racial, social, and national backgrounds” came to the Encampment to “make democracy work” by living it. Read more »

EFC videos

Each year, the Encampment for Citizenship (EFC) runs a summer program that empowers young people aged 15–18 to tackle social injustice and make a positive difference in their communities and the world.

In the summer of 2019, the Pesticide-Free School Project held its first event: a “Compost Tea Party” at the Rio Lindo Elementary School.

2019 Encamper Adriana talks why the about the compost tea party at Rio Del School was important for our future.

Nothing Can Stop Me Now song recorded at 2018 EFC InterGen(erational) Weekend (by Eagle Eye Imaging Solutions).

Created in the 2017 Encampment Digital Stories workshop. View all »

Hampshire College -- Encampment 2016, Amherst, Massachusetts.

Jon Kerner, Ph.D, (EFC 1965 CA) describes his Encampment experience.

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EFC photos

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2020 Encampment

Our 2020 Virtual Encampment explored health disparities as highlighted by COVID-19 and also community and cultural resilience. In addition, Encampers learned about voting rights history and the importance of voting with featured speakers Faya Rose Toure’, Taylor Branch and LaTosha Brown. The Encampers shared their home communities with each other through community mapping and stories. The art of questioning was woven through the curriculum, as well as the use of arts in social justice organizing. Lively presentations by Nexooyet Greymorning and Dr. Linda Quiquivix provided indigenous perspectives. Read more »

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Ada Deer publishes memoir

We just learned about a PBS video — an interview with Ada Deer, EFC alum 1956 and former board chair. She speaks about her memoir, Making a Difference: My Fight for Native Rights and Social Justice. 

It is a moving story of an American Indian activist, who successfully helped her tribe gain restoration of their sovereignty, and her life of activism and public service. And, it includes sections on her Encampment experiences. Check it out »  

EFC’s Pesticide-Free Soil Project

EFC’s Pesticide-Free Soil Project intern Moncerrat (with Sarahi) tells us about what they are observing in one pumpkin, part of a larger experiment in regenerative agriculture at The Abundant Table, an organic farm in Camarillo.

EFC’s Environmental Justice Learning and Action Project (EJLAP) focuses on ways young people can learn about environmental justice not only through focused workshops and research but by directly participating in community events to address social justice issues. Learn more »

Why the Encampment is important

Listen as 2019 Encamper David Caddle talks about the importance of being able to learn from other young leaders from around the country, and the value of listening to people in the communities where the EFC's summer program is located.

Why I support the Encampment

"We created our own world of inclusivity and equity where everyone had a say." In this video, Chela Blitt, EFC alum, parent and supporter, describes how the EFC helped to set her values as a young person and the importance of supporting young leaders "to change the world!" Make a year-end gift to make sure the Encampment can keep doing what it does best — inspiring young leaders and giving them tools to make the world better.

Give a year-end gift to make sure the Encampment can keep doing what it does best — inspiring young leaders and giving them tools to make the world better.

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You Don’t Have to Give Up Your Sentiment-laden Treasures for Us to Get Out the Story of the Encampment for Citizenship to the World!

The VCU Archives have the latest state-of-the-art scanners, which can provide giant, high-resolution copies of your prized photos and other documents! It also has 3-D and other printers that can replicate some of your other cherished items for the Encampment archival collection.You don’t have to surrender your mementos. You simply loan them to us for just long enough for us to make high-tech copies and we send them right back to you. Read more »


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